Can I Make Contributions to the Pension Plan?

Yes. As of 1 January 2008, the Fund allows you to voluntarily defer a portion of your salary—in 2% increments, up to 10% of your current salary—to the Pension Fund to save for your retirement. You must make your election each Fall, and that election remains in effect for the entire following calendar year. These voluntary contributions are in addition to the contributions already made to the Fund on your behalf by your employer.

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Robert D L Sands, CBE

Sr. Vice President of Administration
Kerzner International Bahamas Limited


Secretary to the Board

Michael C. Reckley

Executive Vice President
Bahamas Hotel Employers’ Association



Vaughn D. Roberts TBD
Robert D.L. Sands

Sr. Vice President Government and External Affairs
Baha Mar Resorts Limited

Barbara V. Hanna-Cox Operations Director
Ernest G. Cambridge

Vice President of VIP Services

Angela B. Culmer-Hinsey Vice President—Finance
Kerzner International Bahamas Limited
Earle R. Bethell Director of Marketing
Peter F. Maguire Chief Financial Officer
Lyford Cay Club
Francis E.A. Adderley

Senior Director of Sales and Marketing
Kerzner International Bahamas Limited

Carlton D. Russell Vice President Rooms Operations
Kerzner International Bahamas Limited
Karen B Carey

Senior Vice President of Human Resources
Atlantis Paradise Island


Pension Administrator

Lashan L. Smith

Bahamas Hotel Industry Management Pension Fund


Pension Assistant

Tanya L McDonald

Bahamas Hotel Industry Management Pension Fund